About Manhood Tribes

Manhood Tribes exists to create groups of extraordinary men who follow Jesus at every stage of life.

Many men in our world today are struggling. From confusion over what it means to be a man, to loneliness and isolation from one another, to addiction and despair in the face of challenges that never go away. Being a man is hard, and it's only getting harder.

That's why we started Manhood Tribes—to help men in challenging times. We believe men aren't meant to go through life disconnected from other men. We are built to live in groups, or Tribes, but we've lost many of our reasons for doing so.

We're creating ways for men to reconnect with each other. We're starting with a father/son rite of passage experience called First Tribe, and there will be more experiences to come. 

Whatever your stage of life, we'll have something for you. But no matter what kind of Tribe you connect with, you can always expect a Manhood Tribes experience to help you grow in 3 main areas:


Gain a clear understanding of what healthy manhood is, and learn how to develop as a man.


Form significant friendships with other men through adventure, challenge, and discussion.


Fight for one another to find the healing and restoration that only Jesus can bring.

The 5 Marks of Manhood

Understanding what it means to be a man has gotten really complicated in our world today. But we don't think it should be. Across many cultures and time periods, men have exhibited some common traits that we call the 5 Marks of Manhood. We believe that all men should learn to demonstrate these traits in how they live as men.

5 Marks of Manhood


Possessing and growing in physical ability and capability


Moving toward your fears and attempting to overcome them


Knowing how to do things and using that to help others


Doing right according to values shared among a group of men


Living under authority for the benefit of yourself and others

Who is Manhood Tribes?

Don Ross is the founder and creator of Manhood Tribes. Don has served as a pastor and ministry leader for the past couple decades, and has led and worked with men in a wide variety of settings. He loves the outdoors (beach and mountains, please), all things Lord of the Rings, and has a slight addiction to Coke Zero. He lives with his wife and two sons in the Raleigh, NC area.

Don Ross, Manhood Tribes founder